Release 0.9.3

Release 0.9.3 adds several new features and fixes a few bugs. The two most significant features are a “wikiwords” filter and a special webby gem for the windows platform. See below for more information.

Wiki Words

Wiki Words provide a convenient way to link to other pages in a site based on the page titles. Page titles surrounded by double brackets will be converted into a link to that particular page.

title:      Special Report
created_at: 2008-10-08 21:22:41.217238 -06:00
  - wikiwords
  - textile
h1. Special Report

This page is a special report that links to some [[Other Page]] in the site and
offers a little more information. You can find out more in the [[Reference]]
page, too.

So, in the example above two links will be generated. One will link to the “Other Page” and the second will link to the “Reference” page.

Windows Support

This release also fixes a few issues with webby on the windows platform. Both issues concern windows line endings versus UNIX line endings in files. The code that parses meta-data has been updated to be line ending agnostic — so no need to use UNIX line endings in the windows world.

The second issue is a windows specific version of the webby gem. This gem has the template site files converted to the windows line ending style. So when a site is created using the webby-gen command, the resulting files should be in the native windows format.